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How Use Your Inside Sales Agent ( ISA ) To Build Your Authority

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Next to earning your prospect’s  trust, having authority with them is one of the most important aspects of making a sale.


As you know, authority equals expertise and it’s that expertise that people look for when deciding whom they’re going to hire to help them get their home sold.  


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There are a number of ways to craft this authority within your market place. Blogging, writing a book, public speaking, videos and the ongoing delivery of valuable educational content.


Another way to build authority that a lot of agents aren’t as aware of is through the use of an Inside Sales Agent ( ISA ).


Having a skilled phone sales person who can act as the voice of your organization and represent you in your sales efforts can have a tremendous impact on prospects and clients alike in helping build your authority with them.


Here’s how you can use your ISA to build your authority in your marketplace.


Have your ISA share the good news


Testimonials or third-party endorsements carry a tremendous amount of weight when it comes to building authority and influencing people.




If you don’t have a testimonial-gathering system in place, then you need to employ one immediately.


You’ll need good testimonials, with pictures and names, that your ISA can send to prospects on your behalf as part of the appointment-setting and nurturing process.


If you can get tangible proof in your testimonials like: “Sold my house in 1 day” or “Got me $10,000 more than asking price” then do that as it will carry more weight.


That said, a good testimonial - with photos -  about the great job you did will still go a long way in building your authority with your prospects...even if your ISA delivers it for you.


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By sending these endorsements out as part of their ongoing relationship-building strategy, your ISA will strengthen your authority with the prospect while fostering an even stronger relationship themselves.


Never underestimate the power of a solid third-party endorsement.


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Have your ISA sing your praises


People love a local hero.


Having a strong image in your community by giving back with your time and your money is a great way to establish authority.


If you are involved in your local area and help those in need around you, it’s a good thing if your ISA shares this with your prospects and clients.


In fact, having your ISA sing your praises is an even better way to build your image and authority than if you tell someone yourself.


If you’re not regularly involved in some civic activities, here are a few things you can do according to the Foundation Finance Company:


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The key ingredients here besides consistency are integrity and authenticity.


Don’t run out and get involved in the community just for face time and to do it just to do it.


Get involved in a cause (or in causes) that resonate not only with you, but also the members of the audience that you are trying to influence. People can see right through insincerity and fake efforts.


You will do more damage than good if you’re not involved with the right group for the right reasons.


Make sure your ISA is involved, too, if possible so that they can speak first hand about the efforts you’re putting forth and the great impact you’re having.


As with testimonials, if you have articles that your ISA can send or links to pictures, that will go a long way in building your authority.


Just having an ISA gives you authority


Not surprisingly, simply having someone call on your behalf increases the level of authority that you can have with your prospects.


When your ISA calls a prospect and lets them know that they’re calling on your behalf, it signifies to the prospect that you are not only a successful business person but also that you have authority already because you are in a position of leadership where people report to, and work for, you.


If you think about the leaders who have authority in your community - of which you are absolutely one - they are likely not only the politicians, but also business owners who have a team of people that help them serve their clients.


Having this level of authority in place is a great launching point for your ISA to then fortify your authority using the other strategies that I’ve mentioned in this blog post.


Remember, your ISA needs all the help they can get in getting prospects to see you as the go-to real estate expert in your marketplace.


 Anything you can do to provide them with real-life examples like testimonials, third-party endorsements and proof of social involvement will far in helping them accomplish that task.


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