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How to find your next Real Estate Inside Sales Agent ( ISA ) where they are looking

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Looking in the right places helps you find the right candidate


The first time, most agents hire the wrong person as their Inside Sales Agent ( ISA ) for their real estate prospecting needs.


They either tap a close friend who they “think” will do a good job or they bring on someone who has prior sales experience and may or may not be good on the phone.


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Unfortunately, this rarely works out and it leaves a bad taste in their mouths.


If you want to hire a legit ISA who’s got some serious phone game and can do the job at the highest level, then you need to go looking for this person where they hang out.


It’s not as difficult as it seems and the number of good candidates out there just might shock you.


Find Your Next Inside Sales Agent Where They Hang Out


First, if you’re unclear on what to look for in an ISA, you can discover here what the top 5 things are to look for in an ISA before you hire them.


Once you’re square on that, let the hunt begin.




As the number one employment-oriented social networking service in the United States, LinkedIn can help you “bump into” scores of ISA’s in your marketplace.


By simply typing “Inside Sales Agent” and the city into the search bar in the top left and hitting enter, you’ll produce a list with more ISA candidates than you can shake a stick at.


At the time I’m writing this, there are 635 people who work as ISAs or in the Inside Sales Industry in just Dallas alone.



I could have shown more, but I didn’t think the people who popped up in the search would want their mug in this blog post.


Once you get the results, you can contact, connect with, InMail and invite people to interview for your job.


And, because you’re doing the searching and selecting, you can choose to connect with (or not connect with) only the best and brightest as you see them.


It’s a huge resource with new candidates coming available daily.


One caveat here: these folks haven’t necessarily raised their hands, per se, saying they’re looking for a job, so you may need to comb through a few more candidates to find the ideal ISA for your company.


LinkedIn also has a number of professional groups where you can network with not only job prospects, but also people in leadership positions who may be able to add value to your candidate search.




ZipRecruiter is a job search engine that posts your job listing on over 100 job boards to expose it to a large number of potential candidates for your job.


Through a solid ad and qualifying-question campaign, you can attract a large number of high-quality prospects to your portal for vetting by you as potential ISAs for your team.


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ZipRecruiter even tells you how many candidates you have as they come in (you can see the update in red up above).


The other major benefit is resume database.


As you can see, there are 12 million at your disposal and you can look at every darn one of them if you choose.


That said, you have the ability to pinpoint the resumes you want to see and target ISA opportunities with a couple clicks of the mouse.


Unlike LinkedIn, many of the candidates you find on ZipRecruiter are actively looking for a job and are primed and ready for an interview with a good company like yours.


Grass Roots Efforts


There are potential ISAs around you every day.


In addition to people who have set appointments or made sales for someone else and done the same things for themselves, there are a large number of great candidates you run into every day:


  • Cell phone sales people at kiosks in the mall
  • Product sales people at kiosks in the mall
  • Door-to-door salespeople selling you anything
  • Anyone who calls you and tries to sell you something over the phone
  • People at sales counters in the mall


Let me preface my next statement with this: I understand all these people currently sell face to face.


Having said that, there are many skills that transfer well from the over-the-counter/door-to-door channel to the Inside Sales channel.



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And quite honestly, in my experience, if you can hire someone who has gotten their proverbial teeth kicked in and is fearless in any sales situation...you have a blue chipper on your hands.


At that point, you only need to teach them how to talk real estate and you’ve got yourself a solid ISA.


If you want to find your next sales agent quickly and easily, you simply need to go where they hang out.


With just the three resources we’ve shared here with you in this post, you’ll have enough prospects to comb through to find an A+ to man the prospecting duties at your real estate company.


Just remember this, you may have to kiss a few frogs until you find your “prince” or “princess”of an ISA.


So be consistent in your efforts and be patient.


You will find a great one.


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Secrets to Hiring the right Inside Sales Agent (ISA)


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