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Do You Truly Understand The Segmentation in Roles Of Inside Sales, and How it leads to more predictability for listings


Why segmentation in roles leads to more predictability for listings.


If you’re like most agents, having the opportunity to go on listing appointments daily would be a dream come true. The challenge you encounter at that point soon becomes a nightmare: who’s going to make sure those listing appointments keep coming in while you’re out listing and selling homes. 


It’s a real conundrum that you deal with when this scenario becomes a reality and the only true solution is to hire an ISA.


Inside Sales Agent ( ISA )

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Through segmenting the roles of the listing agent: setting appointments and then going on them, you put yourself in position to make sure that a highly-trained expert (your ISA) continues to move the ball down the field with prospects while you’re out doing what you do best: getting belly to belly with sellers and leading them to the conclusion that you’re the best agent for the job in helping them get their home sold.


And when you can have someone following up with leads consistently and building relationships with these prospects - knowing precisely when they are ready to sell - you will have created a predictable pipeline of sellers for your business.


We think Jim Rohn said it best:


“There are pennies in a sale, but there’s a fortune in the follow-up.”


Statistically speaking, only three percent of your prospects are now sellers or buyers and only another 20 percent are looking to move within the next 90 days. That means the majority of prospects are going to require some sort of consistent follow-up in order to be converted from suspects to prospects and prospects to clients.


Image result for sales follow up stats


 It’s one of the precursors to incredible conversion.


There is major effort required in the follow-up department to create the predictability that top inside sales departments exhibit.


Plus, you and your ISA could never stay in touch with every person in your database consistently, and quite honestly you wouldn’t want him/her to do so. That said, I’m a huge fan of Chet Holmes and his strategies on following up with prospects. As a result my affinity for his teachings, we’ve adopted his “Dream 100” approach for our ISA department.


Inside Sales Agent ( ISA ) , Real Estate Leads


When it comes to staying in touch with prospects, Holmes once said:


“Follow-up makes the difference between mediocrity and greatness.”


This holds especially true when it comes to dealing with the cream of the crop in your prospect database—your Dream 100.


The goal is to put forth the effort to identify 100 sellers who meet the criteria of a nurture and then maintain an ongoing relationship through calls, texts, and emails.




The real effort gets exerted in top-grading this pipeline on a daily basis. Each day, as a seller in your ISA’s Dream 100 shows up as an opportunity to call in the CRM for a potential listing appointment, your ISA must contact the seller and;


1. set an appointment


2. move the seller prospect to another date for future follow-up, or


3. remove the seller prospect from the list and replace him/her with another, better opportunity.


Mastering this strategy and putting forth the right amount of effort is crucial to capturing the largest share of listing opportunities you can. Letting follow-up dates go by and/or not calling nurtures in his/her Dream 100 list can lead to a lot of waste and missed selling opportunities and it can kill your predictable pipeline in no time.


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